What is Mollii?

Mollii is a suit consisting of a pair of trousers, a jacket and a detachable control unit. The Mollii garments includes 58 imbedded electrodes, positioned to stimulate 40 key muscles in the body. Through a low frequency electro-stimulation therapy, Mollii relaxes spastic, tense and aching muscles safely and simply. Programmed after each person’s needs, Mollii prevents and counteracts different forms of muscle shortening and rigidity, and helps the user regain control over muscular tension. In addition, through electro-stimulation settings, Mollii can facilitate the activation of muscles, and thereby may facilitate muscle contractions.
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Clinical Studies

A number of clinical studies are ongoing in several countries, led by renown hospitals and doctors, including Karolinska Institutet and Hvidovre Hospital, on a large panel of more than 350 adults and children, most of which are diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP), multiple sclerosis (MS) or stroke. The studies completed to date show in part improvements in spasticity, pain related to spasticity, sleep as well as physical abilities such as range-of-motion, balance, hand-arm functions, walking and mobility, and thus in overall quality of life
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A Brisbane mum and dad are doing everything in their power to help their young sons walk – and prove doctors wrong – 7 News Brisbane

Parents to twins with cerebral palsy tells their story on how the Mollii Suit has changed their daily life.
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